‘Waste Not Want It’ Bloomberg Launches 5th Edition during LDF

When: Saturday 24th September, 12pm – 3pm
Where: Bloomberg LP, 39-45 Finsbury Square, EC2A 1PQ

The WNWI initiative sees some of Europe’s most dynamic designers approach upcycling in innovative ways. Commissioned by Bloomberg and curated by Arts Co, 8 new furniture installations, made almost entirely out of Bloomberg’s waste, are displayed throughout the building.

Continuing Bloomberg’s on-going commitment to creativity, education and the environment, ‘Waste Not Want It’ provides a platform for some of the Europe’s most dynamic artists and designers through the commission of unique furniture and art installations made almost entirely out of Bloomberg’s own waste.

The works evolve in dialogue with Bloomberg’s technicians and staff, often referencing the hardware and software’s original functions and components, and they are ultimately provided to the users of the financial data, news and analytics leader. From work made by traditional methods of production, to those using sophisticated industrial processes, each designer responds in a different way to the potential and capabilities of the materials.