Waste Not, Want It

‘Waste Not, Want It’ 2011 is the latest in a series of specially commissioned art and design projects that bring the best of emerging international taken into the heart of Bloomberg’s London office

Commissioned for Bloomberg Philanthropy by art and design agency Arts Co, ‘Waste Not, Want It’ provides a platform for some of the UK’s most dynamic designers. The unique furniture and art installations are made almost entirely of Bloomberg’s waste, including cable flex, cardboard boxes, keyboards and wood pallets, startlingly reinvented into technically innovative and environmentally responsible works.

‘Field’ by David Amar, Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow is a moving field of discarded electric fans and 1200 paper flowers activated by sensors as people walk through pathways to a picnic bench.

Like a thinking cloud in the sky, Yu Jordy Fu’s lighting installation floats over the main escalator. Made from redundant cable and flexible LED strips it shifts between line drawing and 3D form. Equally ephemeral Loop.pH’s ‘Faraday Curtain’ is made of thousands of metres of cable, stripped of its inner core and conductive shielding and rethreaded into an intricately laced textile mesh that provides shielding from electro magnetic fields.

James Plumb were inspired by the simple physics of a kaleidoscope, placing hundreds of brightly coloured keys, cabling and plugs in large spinning petri dishes. The contents fragment and reflect in mirrors creating a constantly evolving spectacle.