Schermata 2016-03-23 alle 14.05.41

VEL02 – an Installation of Light in Taipei 26 February – 6 March

Curated by Arts Co for Shin Kong Life, VeL02 is a spectacular installation of light by international design agency Loop.pH that highlights the link between active and healthy cities. This dynamic light commission will be activated by participants and staged during Velo-City Global 2016, the world’s most important cycling conference hosted in Taipei.

Schermata 2016-03-23 alle 14.05.41

Fleeting trails of light are created as participants physically interact with the installation by cycling through the vortices of light. The light visually communicates local air quality with dynamic branching structures reminiscent of trees and the tubular networks in our lungs. The installation uses an advanced air quality sensor to collect the fluctuating data. It draws on the field of aerodynamics, the study of air in motion, to communicate the dynamic and borderless nature of our planet’s fragile atmosphere. On top of the tree like structure is a network of ephemeral tunnels that move gently with the breeze.

VelO2 is a public engagement initiative that advocates clean, healthy cities and will be repeated in other locations, following the launch in Taipei. Bicycles will be provided to participants by event partner Giant and track times can be recorded and shared through social media.

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