The Unnatural Selection by Shay Alkalay

The Unnatural Selection by Shay Alkalay, Yael Mer and Oscar Narud at ‘Designing Life’ during London Design Festival 2011 at The Natural History Museum

Utilising multi-screen technology commonly used in stadiums, computer monitors filled with animation cascade from a series of museum vitrines. From a distance, it looks as if the screens are collapsing on each other – only closer inspection reveals Oscar Narud’s hand drawn animation.

The animation, on used Bloomberg computer monitors, mixes species and specimens in a most unnatural way drawing its inspiration from The Natural History Museum’s collections in the Darwin Centre. An engaging assortment of insects and botanical specimens, sea creatures suspended in formaldehyde, and nocturnal animals inside a cabinet that illuminates periodically, play with the museum’s display systems. They eat text labels, peer myopically through a magnifying glass or in the case of one mad bubble blowing blowfish invade other creature’s tanks. Designed for life, these hybrids interrogate the principles of museum display and stage a crazy takeover of their habitats.

The Unnatural Selection is curated by Arts Co and supported by Bloomberg. It is a natural extension of Bloomberg’s ‘Waste Not, Want It’ initiative commissioning designers to make installations in the London office almost entirely out of waste.