Noemie Goudal

Noemie Goudal unveils ‘Harbour’ exhibition as a culmination of her Artist in Residency at Corinthia Hotel London working in response to the brief of “Unknown Views”

Arts Co curated the inaugural year of the Corinthia Artist in Residence at the Corinthia Hotel London. An esteemed panel of judges taken from the UK’s leading voices on arts and design including Ed Vaizey, Ben Evans, Jan Dalley and actor Dan Stevens awarded the prestigious award to photographer Noemie Goudal.

In response to the brief on “Unknown Views” Noemie created multi-layered experiences within each artwork, which she sees as “fantastic journeys into fictional worlds”. Noemie worked around guests and staff to build her sculptural artworks entitled ‘Forest’, ‘Pier’ and ‘Road’.

The final exhibition she called ‘Harbour’ in reference to Corinthia Hotel’s location in front of the water. “From the Harbour, there is the view of the horizon, the perspective of the exotic, and potential discoveries, which relate directly to the images that I have created. The hotel is a place of refuge and the views, my backdrops, provide the possibility of further escape.”