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Lost London – A talk with Adam Dant & Will Hunter

An evening with artist Adam Dant and Will Hunter, Director of the London School of Architecture, discussing Dant’s latest show at Bloomberg Space ’The Budge Row Bibliotheque’ 

How important is architectural and historical knowledge when master planning the cities of the future?

The impetus for Dant’s exhibition ‘The Budge Row Bibliotheque’ followed the recent excavations in the City of London, on the site bordered by Queen Victoria Street, Cannon Street, Walbrook and New Queen Street.
Dant used the conceit of opening up a hole in the ground to being akin to not merely opening a book but to opening up an entire library. He quite literally reveals and depicts colliding histories and anecdotes in an accurately rendered pictorial space. Forgotten buildings reappear whilst some contemporary ones are shown ruined and abandoned, serving to illustrate the City of London’s 2000 ‘wilderness’ years following the defeat of the Romans.
Friday 27th February, 6.30-8.30pm
Bloomberg Space, 50 Finsbury Square
Disegno Drawing Room