Die Green Live Pretty

Die Green Live Pretty, an exhibition of site-specific works, in filmmaker and philanthropist Pia Getty’s home during Frieze Art Fair

Contemporary artists and designers Simon Heijdens, Claire Morgan, D-fuse, Adam King and Mark McGowan responded personally to the controversy surrounding the environmental debate.

The issue of climate change is one that has never been so debated. Evidence shows that the world has been getting gradually warmer and that global mean temperatures will continue to rise. Sea levels are going up and volumes of ice at the poles have decreased. There has also been an increase in rainfall in certain parts of the world and it appears that dramatic and destructive weather events are increasing.  Scientists say that the world is currently undergoing an unprecedented shift in climate not seen in the past 10,000 years. Recent research suggests that it is only when human activity is taken into account that these changes can be explained against a background of expected natural climate variability.

For every frightening statistic and keen environmentally friendly recycler though there is another, equally as vocal, argument that all this could be just scaremongering or the latest, fashionable trend to follow. If our children or we aren’t going to be affected beyond the odd stormy summer or flash flood should we care?  Isn’t life for living? Are opponents of impending apocalyptic global warming heretics, or just pragmatists hedging their bets on it all being hype?

Developed by Arts Co in association with environmentalist David de Rothschild for his education initiative Adventure Ecology.

Image credit: Gayle Chang Kwon, 2007