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Corinthia Artist In Residence 2014 – The Shorts

Zawe Ashton and David Petch, the joint winners of the Corinthia Artist in Residency 2014, have produced two short films, to be screened at a private ceremony at Corinthia Hotel London on 12th May 2014. Both films will be entered into the London Film Festival and screened publicly at the Corinthia Hotel London during the month of October 2014.

Zawe Ashton's clapper board

Zawe Ashton’s clapper board

The Place We Go To Hide a short film by Zawe Ashton

Two sleepwalkers, Martha and Quentin, check into a hotel as returning guests and live parallel lives during their waking hours. Little do they know that in their sleep, they fall for each other time and time again. The film poses the question: When it comes to human connection, are we actually sleepwalking through our waking lives?

David Petch  on set

David Petch on set

We Always Do What We Want a short film by David Petch

On the edge of exhaustion, a beautiful singer at the height of her career, Rae Parker waits with her boyfriend manager Caleb for the evening’s performance.  Sat in a hotel restaurant Caleb struggles to keep them focused on the job in hand whilst Rae appears to have a more personal situation she’d like to discuss. Try as she might to repress this elephant in the room it seems to float back up to the surface, not just in conversations but the entire evenings events seem to mimic and mock them.  As we are sucked further into Rae’s life we see the boundaries of her perception shift bringing us closer to her more fragile dreamlike view of the world.

Corinthia Artist in Residence is a cultural programme, curated by Arts Co, that  supports emerging talent and the arts.

The first residency in 2012 saw artist Noémie Goudal create large-scale works of art which used the hotel’s environment as their starting point and aimed to transport viewers to other worlds.

In 2013 the Corinthia Artist in Residency winner was theatre company, Look Left Look Right, who created an immersive play drawing on the hotel’s history and interviews with the staff. The play, Above & Beyond, lasted 70 minutes taking place across 30 spaces within and around the Corinthia whilst the hotel was fully operational. The play was open to the general public and tickets sold out within the first week.