BFC Fashion Trust

The BFC Fashion Trust is a non-profit organisation, focused on supporting young designers in the UK through mentoring and financial awards.

The designers who were awarded in June 2015 include: David KomaEmilia WicksteadHolly FultonMother of PearlPalmer//HardingPrismSibling and Sophia Webster.


In 2015 the group of private donors, who generously support the BFC Fashion Trust, grew exponentially enabling the launch of the Graduate Traineeship Programme, created to offer BA and MA design graduates a twelve-month paid placement within leading design studios.

In December 2015 the Fashion Trust also introduced the Partnership and the Benefactor Programmes to attract businesses and individuals keen to donate in a way that is specifically tailored to their line of work. Two major contributions have already been secured, details of which are to be disclosed in 2016, and the intention is to increase this part of the Fashion Trust’s work over the coming year.

Arts Co curates the fashion insider programme of talks, debates and Q&A session exclusive to the members of the BFC Fashion Trust.

For further information please contact Isabella Macpherson or Karen Malacarne, Curators of the Membership Programme